A beautiful girl has dropped her towel after bath to get $1000

A beautiful girl has dropped her towel after bath to get $1000 from her

Funny Female Model Fell Down In Water During Walk on Ramp

Funny Female Model Fell Down In Water During Walk on Ramp

Little Girl Buried Alive In India By His Own Father

In India, a father buried his daughter alive because he don't like the daughters

Cute Little Baby Dancing On CHITIYAN KALAIYAN VE

Watch this funny video, a little cute baby dancing on new bollywood song of

Unbelievable Acrobatic Performance By Chinese Girls

A mind blowing and unbelievable performance by the boy and two girls. You will

Crazy Man Showing His Skills in Public

This crazy man is showing his extra ordinary skills using a ring in public.

Change In Peshawar: Vehicle Jammer Will Be Use Instead of Car Lifters

Peshawar Police is one step ahead of Punjab Police, now vehicle jammers will be

CK, Desi Version of Indian Movie PK: Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli

This is very funny cartoon video, CK, new version of PK in animated video.

What Young Nurse Found When She Checked Pockets Of Her Patient

In hospital when a young beautiful nurse was in room, patient received a call

What Happen When Girls Upload Their Pictures On Facebook

There are many cases when some sick minded people download girls pictures from Facebook

Innocent Pathan’s Funny Call In Morning Show

Very funny call in a morning show by a pathan who is singing national

Beautiful Little Kids Dancing on Music, Amazing

This is very beautiful and amazing video, two cute and beautiful kids dancing on

Door To Hell, Discovered 43 years ago and burning since then

A very strange place which is called "Door to hell" which is burning from

A very strange creature found, Human or something else?

This is very strange creature found somewhere in the world. Dont know what is

Humaima Malik With Imran Hashmi Live In Comedy Nights With Kapil

Ater watching this video of Pakistani actress Humaima Malik what will you call about

Little Boy Reciting Holy Quran, Mash Allah

MashAllah a little boy reciting holy quran. This is very cute and blessed baby

Funny Call By Friend On Wedding Night

This is very funny call by a friend on his other friend’s wedding night

Girl Looks Stupid When Crying Due To Injection

This is very funny video, a girl who is ill went to doctor and

Mash Allah, 3 days old baby saying Allah. Must watch this video

Mash Allah, a 3 days old baby saying Allah. This baby born to a

How Mother Keeps A Baby In Her Womb for 9 Months

How Mother Keeps A Baby In Her Womb for 9 Months. See in this

A Goat Gave Birth To A Kid Looks Like Human

It is reported that in India, a goat gave birth to its kid which

Transfer of Holly bodies of Sahaba Karaam RA in Iraq Graves Opened

This is unbelievable, but it is reported that in 1932 Holly bodies of two

What Happen When You Will Die

A very good documentary on death. Watch this video what will happen when you

Marriages Fraud Case, Marriage Beuro Exposed Selling Girls

some marriage beuro involved themselves in illegal activities like shown in this video, on